On-Sale: November 3, 2009
Contact: Jennifer Bernard
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Tap In to the Positive Power of Forgiveness—
and Attract Good Things To Your Life

by Connie Domino, M.P.H., R.N.

Nationally acclaimed life coach shares secret to making goals and dreams come true with your listeners

Ever wonder why the Law of Attraction works for some people but not for others? Some people seem to get everything they want—promotions, cars, wealth—it’s as though they have some sort of magic gravitational pull and others can only watch in envy. Are you still waiting for your perfect partner, dream job or increased income? Is there more to the Law of Attraction than we’ve been taught? Is there more to the secret of getting the things you want in life? And not just money or material things; what if you could harness this power to make major life changes like losing weight, improving your health or developing a career that you’ve always dreamed of. What if this power can make your dreams come true?
For the millions of readers who were introduced to the Law of Attraction in The Secret, THE LAW OF FORGIVENESS: Tap In To the Positive Power of Forgiveness— and Attract Good Things To Your Life (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; November 2009; $12.00) goes one step further, teaching the transformative power of forgiveness, the fastest way to attracting what you want and making your goals a reality. Connie Domino, acclaimed life coach and author of the book, says “The essential key to achieving your goals lies in tapping into the power of personal forgiveness.”
“Just like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Forgiveness is a spiritual or social law that involves the exchange of energy,” says Domino. “And spiritual laws can be used in a positive way to affect the physical or material world.” Through 10 easy guidelines, Domino teaches a simple affirmation technique people can use to forgive others, for others to forgive them and for self forgiveness
“Lack of forgiveness can be blocking goals and dreams from manifesting in every area of your life. When you are hung up on negative issues from your past, that negativity is like a barrier that blocks positive energy and prevents good things from coming your way,” says Domino. “The technique I teach for using the Law of Forgiveness can move energy so fast some people have manifested goals in minutes or hours. They don’t just ‘feel better,’ their material goals also come true.”
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Connie Domino, M.P.H., R.N., is a nationally-acclaimed life coach, author, trainer, registered nurse, support group facilitator, motivational speaker, and clinical assistant professor who teaches public health nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She lives in Raleigh with her family. Visit her website at .

Tap Into the Positive Power of Forgiveness— and Attract Good Things To Your Life
Connie Domino, M.P.H., R.N.
Berkley Trade Paperback Original
On-Sale: November 3, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22995-8
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