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Personal Coaching


Price: $100.00 per hour or $200.00 for 3 hours

Product Information

Personal Consultation Life Coaching

Coaching is a very positive approach that concentrates on analyzing what you desire and how to manifest it. Connie is available to personally assist you to customize your personal Law of Attraction (LOA) goals and Plan of Action. She will also help you to recognize and remove any blocks to your goals for quick manifestation. Connie can assist you to clarify your issues related to forgiveness - Law of Forgiveness (LOF) and develop a plan to address them. Connie is known for the success of her clients who consistently report manifesting dreams and goals quickly from her, intuitive, clear, easy-to-understand and powerful instruction.

This service is provided for $100.00 per hour in person or by phone.

Referrals: Refer a friend or family member who purchases a coaching package for $200.00 or more, and receive 1 extra hour added to your coaching package free

Please note that most clients only require 1 - 3 sessions and they're manifesting their goals and dreams.

Special Offer: Book three hours (1 - 3 sessions) for $200. (Save $100)

Like Jeremy, you too can manifest your goals and dreams after only one life coaching session. Connie's session cut's through the jargon and provides you with just what you need to make your goals manifest quickly. Connie's coaching could save you years of time and thousands of dollars.

Hi Connie,
Thank you so much for helping me learn, grow, manifest and create more in my life at a very rapid pace. I have spent years attending personal development and business success programs. I have read many books, listened to many tapes, CDs and DVDs, and spent tens of thousands of dollars attending workshops. However, with your incredible book, and one fantastic personal coaching session, I was able to meet 2 of my 3 goals in two weeks. These are goals I had been working on for some time. Now after using your 3 step forgiveness technique and attending one of your workshops, my third goal is also coming true and I feel euphoric. I have shared your book with so many of my peers, friends, family, and associates all over the world, and now they are manifesting too. I look forward to supporting your work in the future because I know that the universe we live in has no limits and so many people are going to be helped by what you do.
Ever so grateful…
Jeremy Longmaid