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Book Study Guides for The Law of Forgiveness - A 3 Week Series - Free Download
(The book study material is divided into 3 sessions to be covered over 3 consecutive weeks, if possible)

These book study guides are designed to be used in conjunction with the book The Law of Forgiveness by Connie Domino. Each book study group member should have their own copy of the book so that they may complete the readings each week and have other material necessary for the book study. The Law of Forgiveness can be purchased at all major bookstores both online and store front.


The Group Leader or Facilitator's Book Study Guide, on pages 2 - 5, will give you detailed instructions for how to set up one or more book study groups for your church or other religious organization, spiritual growth group, personal growth group, groups, therapy groups, an established book study group or book club, a group of neighbors, families or friends, a lunch bunch at work, etc. --- any group who wants to study this material together. The Facilitator's guide is a step by step guide in leading the group in the book study.

Law of Forgiveness Facilitator's Book Study Guide
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The Participant's Book Study Guide is for the participants or group members to use as their manual during the 3 Week Session.

NOTE: If you would like to study this material by yourself, you may still find these manuals helpful in assisting with guiding your book study.

NOTE: Unless used by a licensed therapist, these book studies are not therapy or meant to take it's place. If you are being seen by a therapist or any type of mental health practitioner, please let them know you are doing this work and share it's content with them before you participate.

Law of Forgiveness Participant's Book Study Guide
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Law of Forgiveness Book Trailer
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